TP Custom pump

TP Custom pump
TP Custom pump
Product overview

TP series products are vertical single-stage pipeline centrifugal pumps.

Standard configuration: mechanical seal, standard motor.

The pump is of top pull-out design. During routine maintenance, the pump head (motor base and impeller) can be removed for maintenance

Maintenance, without the need to remove the pump body and both sides of the pipeline.

The hydraulic design of impeller is optimized by CFD fluid simulation analysis technology, and the hydraulic efficiency is higher;

The impeller adopts double ring balance structure, with smaller axial force and longer bearing life.

The shape is designed by Italian professional shape team and the most advanced modular design concept.

The surface of the whole machine adopts electrophoretic coating process, which has better anticorrosion effect.

Scope of application

Flow range: < 760m3

Lift range: < 88m

Power range: 0.37-132kw

Liquid temperature: O ℃ ~ + 90 ℃

Maximum ambient temperature + 40 ° C

Liquid requirements

It is clean, thin, non corrosive, non flammable and explosive, easy to gasify, and does not contain solid particles

Particle size ≤ 02mm) and fiber liquid, liquid can not have chemical reaction with pump material.

Example of pumping liquid:

The water quality in the heating system shall meet the recognized water quality standards of the system

Cooling system

● domestic hot water system

Industrial liquids

● softened water
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