CMF Custom pump

CMF Custom pump
CMF Custom pump
Product overview

CMF series is horizontal stainless steel multistage pump, which is widely used in domestic water supply, industry and construction

Purpose. It can be used for: liquid transportation and circulation in light industry; pressurization and domestic water supply; and

Widely used in cooling system and air conditioning system.

Working conditions

Thin, clean, non corrosive, non flammable and explosive liquid without solid particles and fibers

When the density of the conveying medium is greater than that of clean water, a high-power motor is required

·Liquid temperature range: 0 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

Maximum ambient temperature + 40 ° C

Maximum suction head: NPSH (NPSH) with pump, medium temperature, sea level height of installation position

And import pipeline loss and other factors

Maximum working pressure: 10bar

Maximum inlet pressure: limited by maximum working pressure
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